Elevate your service management with our comprehensive suite of features.

Unleash the power of our comprehensive suite of features to revolutionize your service management and exceed customer expectations at every turn.

Automated Service Lifecycle

  • Seamlessly manage the entire service lifecycle from installation to deactivation with our automated system.
  • Experience unparalleled efficiency as our integrated platform handles billing, activation, suspension, and deactivation seamlessly, freeing up your team to focus on delivering exceptional service.
  • Eliminate manual processes and reduce errors, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every transaction while driving cost savings and operational efficiency.

Real-Time Status Widget

  • Stay ahead of the curve with our real-time status widget, providing instant insights into service performance for swift decision-making.
  • Empower your team with actionable data and transparency, enabling them to address issues promptly and proactively before they impact customers.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by delivering uninterrupted service and demonstrating your commitment to excellence and reliability.

Access to Softswitch Logs and Active Call Channels

  • Gain a competitive edge with access to comprehensive data and analytics on softswitch logs and active call channels.
  • Empower your team to make data-driven decisions and troubleshoot effectively, minimizing downtime and optimizing service delivery.
  • Unlock valuable insights into customer behavior and usage patterns, enabling you to tailor offerings and deliver personalized experiences that drive loyalty and retention.
  • Our troubleshooting solution for SIP calls captures logs and SIP packets related to each call. This tool enables our partners to independently resolve issues, while also fostering seamless collaboration and faster problem resolution due to our team using the same resource.

Access Call History Logs

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of communication with our intuitive call history feature.
  • Easily track incoming and outgoing calls, empowering your team to stay organized and responsive to customer needs.
  • Enhance productivity and collaboration by providing quick access to historical call data, enabling your team to follow up effectively and deliver exceptional service.
  • Our system monitors call limits. If exceeded, alerts are sent to both partner and customer, ensuring prompt action to prevent disruptions.

Support Ticket Creation

  • Simplify issue resolution and enhance customer satisfaction with our streamlined support ticket creation process.
  • Enable customers to report issues directly within our platform, ensuring prompt attention and resolution by your support team.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to customer service excellence by providing a seamless and efficient support experience that exceeds expectations.

Full Transparency

  • Build trust and foster collaboration with our commitment to full transparency in all communications.
  • Provide customers, partners, and engineers with complete visibility into conversations and actions, promoting accountability and alignment.
  • Strengthen relationships and drive loyalty by demonstrating integrity and openness in every interaction, setting a new standard of transparency in service management.

With our persuasive suite of service management features, you have the tools to optimize operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive success. Embrace innovation, empower your team, and exceed expectations at every touchpoint.

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