Join LocalCom - Your business growth partner. Earn while helping local businesses thrive together!

Achieve a 90% opportunity closure rate with us, courtesy of our ability to meet custom requirements at custom price points.

We aim to empower small IT businesses by equipping them with the necessary tools to compete on an equal footing with large telecommunications companies. We are confident that local business communities will welcome the services and technical support provided by nearby IT partners. 

With LocalCom’s automated platform, local IT partners can focus on developing their businesses while we handle day-to-day operations such as marketing, sales, administrative tasks, accounts receivable, Helpdesk support, project management, and other essential functions of a telecommunications business. 

“Concentrate on customer interactions and onsite services while leaving the rest to us.”

Overview of the Program

Co-Brand Opportunity

Partner with us in a unique co-branded partnership, where your clients are seamlessly connected with our reputable brand. This collaboration will not only boost your exposure and credibility but also solidify your role as an essential part of a well-respected organization, building trust and assurance.

Enhanced Customer Confidence

Our partnership model ensures that customers view you as more than just a standalone provider. They see you as part of a trusted network backed by a reputable brand. This boosts their confidence in selecting your services through our platform, knowing they’ll receive excellent support and reliability.

Streamlined Operations

Partnering with us means you can focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional services. We handle the administrative work and provide comprehensive support, allowing you to concentrate on serving your customers. This approach saves you time and resources, enabling you to maximise your impact in the industry.

Mutual Benefit

Our partnership is designed to bring mutual benefits. You can leverage our strong branding and support network. Together, we create synergies that drive success and help both parties achieve their goals.

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