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Cloud based PBX - Hosted PBX

With Localcom’s PBX solutions, you gain access to a flexible yet effective cloud solution with unprecedented features, transforming communication within your business. 

UC Softphone with Group SMS Feature

  • Our Unified Communication Softphone offers Group SMS, simplifying communication with shared mobile numbers for multiple users.
  • Boost productivity and teamwork with a shared mobile number option. Streamline collaboration, allowing users to respond to messages as a group, enhancing efficiency.
  • Our UC Softphone offers a Group SMS Feature to streamline SMS management, enabling effective oversight of team communication.
Group SMS Feature - Softphone
real-time performance insights with LocalCom integrated Call Center Wallboards

Call Center Wallboards Included

  • Gain real-time performance insights with our integrated Call Center Wallboards, offering visual metrics on call center and agent performance.
  • Maximize call center performance with our Wallboards. Efficiently monitor, manage operations, and optimize performance.

Single PBX, Multiple Endpoints

  • Streamline the setup process by seamlessly integrating multiple endpoints into a single PBX system for easy and efficient management.
  • Simplify the setup process with auto-provisioning features. Our system automatically detects and configures endpoints, saving you time and eliminating the need for manual configuration.
  • Integrate IP phones, softphones, and Microsoft Teams into a cohesive PBX system to enhance communication and teamwork throughout your company.
Single PBX, Multiple Endpoints​
Multiple Caller ID Options​

Multiple Caller ID Options

  • .Customize your Caller ID with our CLI Numbers feature, allowing users to select their preferred number from a range of options for outgoing calls, providing flexibility and personalization.
  • When a call comes in, users can quickly see the number it’s coming from. Our system shows the relevant caller’s information, offering clear and convenient identification for users.
  • Improve your communication with personalized Caller ID choices, promoting a professional image and effectively routing incoming calls.

Microsoft Direct Routing Via Graph API

  • Seamlessly integrate your PBX with Microsoft Teams for enhanced communication and collaboration. Enable external call handling within Teams for unified communication.
  •  Get instant connectivity with our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing in just 5 minutes. Enjoy seamless communication, video chats, and file sharing within Teams, backed by our reliable infrastructure.
  •  Localcom provides comprehensive support for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, ensuring seamless communication and fostering business growth.
Microsoft Direct Routing Via Graph API​
CRM Integration - cloud directories like Google or Microsoft 365

CRM Integrations

  • Our solution integrates with various CRMs, ensuring seamless contact synchronization from cloud directories like Google or Microsoft 365 for improved communication and caller identification.
  • Boost productivity with CRM integration, accessing updated contact information directly, and minimizing manual entry for effective client communication.

Standard PBX Features

Call Barge/ Eavesdrop/ Intercept

Listen into an active call from another extension.

Call Block

Block inbound calls by the caller id.

Call Broadcast

Create a recording and select one or more groups to have the system call and play the recording.

Call Center

Creates a robust call center environment with agent tiers.

Call Detail Records

Various reporting capabilities to see who called, when, call length, export to a csv file, and call detail statistics.

Call Forward

Forward to another extension or to any phone number.

Call Monitoring

View which extensions are currently in a call. (see Active Extensions)

Conference Center

Unlimited conference rooms with moderator and paticipants, pin numbers, call recording, mute all, caller announce and more…

Call Pickup

For a particular extension or any extension that is currently ringing.

Call Recordings

Record all or some calls or parts of the call.

Call Routing

Send the call different directions or perform actions based on reading the caller id info or other call information.

Call Announced Transfer

Transfer the active call to another internal or external call. Also known as a warm transfer.

Call Blind Transfer

Transfer a call like the call was going into a call queue or from an ivr.
Call Transfer: Transfer a call.

Call Waiting

A beep while on a call and to toggle between two different calls.

Caller ID

Support for customization and supporting providers.


Create extensions for phones to register to and an option to receive emails on missed calls.

Call Flows (Day/ Night Mode)

Typically used with day night mode. To direct calls between two destinations. Can work with BLF on phone to show which direction call will be directed to.


Manage your contacts. Import contacts from Outlook CSV files. Export contacts to your cell phone with QR Codes. It is also possible to add additional features like time cards and invoices that can be related to the contacts.


Set up voice and video conference calls, is optionally secure with a PIN number, and can transfer current calls to a conference. Interactive conference control provides ability to see the list of callers in the conference and manage the volume, see who is talking, kick, mute, unmute, deaf, undeaf, profiles and controls.

Extension Summary

Summary of extension activity per domain such as misssed calls, answered calls, no answer, inbound duration, outbound duration, number of outboud calls, number of inbound calls and Average length of Conversation (ALOC). The summarized information can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Dialplan Manager

The dialplan is used to setup call destinations based on conditions and context. You can use the dialplan to send calls to gateways, auto attendants, external numbers, to scripts, or any destination.

Dial by Name (*411)

Search by first name or last name to find extension numbers on the system.
Direct Inward System.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Direct calls to voicemail by default however there is an option when using do not disturb to send the call to an alternative destination.

Hot Desking

A way to login to another phone device and temporarily or permanently become another extension. This is sometimes known as ‘hoteling’ and ‘extension mobility’

IVR Menus (Auto Attendant)

Create a structured interactive voice prompt for callers to use.

Music on Hold

We stream music files for hold music, offering various folders to cater to different department preferences. We also provide the option to include additional audio messages such as reassurances at regular intervals.

Access (DISA)

Gives ability to call into the system, put in a pin code, and then call back outbound.

Time Conditions

A extension that can be timed to route calls based on domain select, global option, move to other domains, and holiday presets.

Fax Server

A virtual fax machine that can send and receive faxes with advanced features.

Operator Panel

A virtual panel that agents can drag and drop transfer calls. Adjust call state from available, on break, do not disturb and logged out.

Call Parking

Send a call to an unused “park” extension. The caller listens to music on hold until another extension connects to the call.

Ring Groups

Make one extension ring several extensions and an option to receive emails on missed calls.

Audio Recordings

Create and manage personalized recordings such as (Greetings, and IVR recordings & announcements).


Page another extension with or without password.

User Management

Edit, change or add users.


Have voicemails sent to email.

Voicemail Transcription

Converts voicemails to text.

Web Phone

Make and receive audio calls with a web browser.




Look bigger with a landline number instead of your mobile and use an auto-attendant to answer calls. Transfer accounts calls directly to your bookkeeper, and
automatically redirect emergency calls out of hours.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)​

Gain access to advanced communication features at a cost-effective price. Scalability makes it easy to add or remove

users as your business grows or changes.

Multinational Corporations

Establish a unified communication system across different
locations and offices worldwide. Employees can make calls,
send messages, and participate in virtual meetings
seamlessly, fostering collaboration and connectivity.

Remote Work-Focused Businesses​

Companies with a remote or distributed workforce benefit from the ability to connect employees from anywhere. Mobile integration ensures employees can stay connected even when working off-site.

Customer Service-Centric Businesses​

Call management features, like auto-attendants and call routing, improve customer service efficiency. Integration with CRM systems enhances customer interactions and support.


Retail Businesses​

Benefit from virtual numbers and local area codes to attract and serve customers in specific regions. Use queues advertising your current special offers to keep callers engaged while you help customers in store.

Professional Services​

Benefit from VoIP's professional image and communication tools. Voicemail-to-email and other features enhance productivity.

Healthcare Providers​

VoIP aids communication within healthcare organizations, such as hospitals and clinics. Secure and encrypted communication features support compliance with privacy regulations.

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