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Improve your communication using our adaptable softphone. It works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, making installation smooth on any device. With its dependable performance and effective interface, you’ll never miss out on a sale or job opportunity again. Upgrade your communication effortlessly.

Manage your Hosted PBX seamlessly with the Ringotel UC Softphone

Our integration simplifies PBX administration by allowing direct management from the Ringotel softphone, removing the need for manual logins. With just one click, users can easily access and oversee PBX settings. There are two user categories available:

User: Manage own settings, view call records, listen to recordings, send faxes, and set call forwards.

Admin: Control all settings, view all records and recordings, monitor calls, and set call forwards.

To access the PBX web interface via Ringotel softphone, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the “Menu” option.
  • Select “PBX Login
  • Users will be automatically logged in based on their assigned user group.
  • Each user is assigned either the “User” or “Admin” group, allowing access to the PBX features accordingly.

Enjoy streamlined PBX management directly from your Ringotel softphone.

To access the PBX interface from the Ringotel softphone on a new webpage in the default web browser, follow these steps:

Open the Ringotel UC Softphone on your device.

  • Navigate to the “Menu” option.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Choose “General
  • Enable the option for “Open web-pages in external browser
  • Navigate back to the “Menu” option.
  • Select “PBX Login

This action will now launch the PBX web interface on a new webpage in the default web browser, providing seamless access to PBX features outside of the Ringotel application.


Windows, Mac & Linux

User-friendly Interface
HD Audio & Video
Instant Messaging
And More

Gain smooth and effortless communication with Ringotel’s user-friendly interface, strong contact organization, top-notch video abilities, easy click-to-call function, advanced security encryption, and a wide range of other functionalities.

Available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Elevate your communication experience!


Android & iOS

With unmatched quality and improved energy-saving functions, advanced business users will be delighted to find that all their preferred features are still available.

Designed to cater to your needs seamlessly, at any time and in any location!

Available for Android and iOS.

Pro Features

CRM Integration

Integrate your CRM with Zoho One, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Dynamics 365, Zendesk and more to synchronize call records, contacts, and other important details seamlessly.

Screen Sharing

Allows users to share their screens during video calls for presentations or demonstrations.

Advanced Call Analytics

Provides detailed insights into call metrics such as duration, quality, and frequency.

Advanced Call Routing

Offers customizable call routing options based on predefined rules or conditions.

Ringotel PRO License Features and Integrations

Allows for 6 devices per user, ideal for seamless integration across multiple platforms.

SMS integrations

Localcom enables group chats, internal messaging, and more, supporting SMS sending and receiving through various providers.

Cloud contacts Integration

Google Contacts, Microsoft 365, Enable contacts synchronization between Google/Microsoft 365 contacts and Ringotel.

Meeting Integration

Jitsi 8x8, Integrate with Jitsi 8x8 to enable high-quality 1-on-1 video calling as a standard feature, and instant video conferencing (meetings) for users.

API Access

Provides access to an Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating with other software systems.

Integration with Productivity Tools

Integrates with tools like calendars, task managers, or project management software to enhance productivity.

Standard Features

Voice Calling

Allows users to make calls over the internet using VoIP technology.

Video Calling

Enables users to make video calls over the internet.


Supports text-based messaging, including SMS and chat functionalities.

Contact Management

 Allows users to organize and manage their contacts within the app.

Call History

Displays a log of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls for reference.


Records and stores voicemail messages for users to listen to later.

Call Transfer

Enables users to transfer ongoing calls to another user or device.

Call Recording

Provides the option to record calls for future playback or reference.

Conference Calling

Allows multiple users to participate in a single call simultaneously.

Presence Status

Shows the availability status of contacts (e.g., online, offline, busy).

Call Forwarding

Lets users redirect incoming calls to another number or device.

Customizable Ringtone

Allows users to set custom ringtones for incoming calls.

Do Not Disturb

Temporarily blocks incoming calls or notifications.

Integration with Contacts

Syncs with the device's native contact list for easy access.

Bluetooth Support

Allows users to connect Bluetooth devices for hands-free calling.

Multiple Account Support

Supports the use of multiple accounts or phone numbers within the app.

Security Features

Implements encryption and authentication to ensure secure communication.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Works on various operating systems (e.g., Windows, macOS, iOS, Android).

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