At Localcom, we don't just provide equipment – we revolutionize connectivity solutions!

Localcom’s wide range of equipment options for customized communication solutions. Our automatically provisioned gear guarantees a seamless setup, and our flexible rental choices provide access to the latest technology without any initial expenses. Take advantage of our expert management services and proficient support while reducing ownership costs. Benefit from swift nationwide delivery and simplified procurement procedures with Localcom – where reliability meets innovation.

Wide Range of Products

We offer a diverse selection of items such as IP phones, headsets, networking devices, and VoIP equipment to meet a wide variety of requirements and tastes.

Auto-Provisioned Equipment

Our team of experts has pre-configured our network and VoIP equipment, ensuring easy setup for you. This significantly reduces downtime and technical obstacles for our valuable customers.

Rental Options & Equipment Management

We provide flexible equipment rental options for businesses, relieving you of maintenance responsibilities and offering technical support at no extra charge. Count on us to safeguard your investment and keep your business running smoothly.

Technical Expertise

Our committed team possesses advanced skills in handling and resolving issues with a wide range of equipment. With their expertise, problems are dealt with promptly, ensuring top-notch performance and minimal impact on our customers’ operations.

Cost Savings

By opting for our managed equipment service, customers can significantly reduce their total cost. Instead of incurring the upfront expenses of purchasing equipment outright, Our cost-effective subscription plan encompasses continuous maintenance and support.

Convenient Shipping

We operate from five warehouses across Australia, ensuring efficient nationwide shipping. Through dropshipping partnerships, we offer delivery options to meet diverse customer needs.

Streamlined Procurement

Our platform offers a wide range of products from multiple vendors, simplifying equipment procurement for customers who can source all their needs from one trusted provider.

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