Monitored and Controlled by the Auto Configuration Server for comprehensive oversight and management.

Our internet services and devices are monitored and controlled by the ACS (Auto Configuration Server) server. This ensures secure and efficient network management for our operations.


  • Experience blazing-fast internet connectivity with our NBN plans, carefully crafted to provide top-notch high-speed performance that perfectly suits your business requirements.
  • Our meticulously designed plans operate on a dedicated core network infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted dependability and smooth connectivity for your business.
  • Your company will excel with our NBN packages, providing consistently fast and reliable internet connectivity to enhance your efficiency and business expansion efforts.

NBN Enterprise & Fast Fibre

  • Harness the power of enterprise-level NBN connectivity tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Benefit from personalized support and tailored strategies, ensuring seamless integration and maximum efficiency for your enterprise.
  • Dive into the world of lightning-fast speeds and unwavering reliability with our Swift Fibre internet connections.
  • Our Fiber-optic technology enables the smooth handling of data-intensive tasks like high-quality content streaming, video meetings, and large file transfers.
  • Say goodbye to delays and buffering with our high-speed Fiber connections, simplifying collaboration and client engagement.

Wireless Internet

  • Our Advanced point-to-point Wireless Internet solutions deliver seamless connectivity, ensuring an uninterrupted experience.
  • Experience the ease and versatility of wireless communication without compromising on speed or dependability.
  • Benefit from our partnership with leading wireless internet providers such as Swoop, Channel Wireless, and NBN Wireless.
  • Easily stay connected to your work, clients, and colleagues, fostering seamless collaboration and communication.

Benefits of ACS Server Monitoring

Security Measures

  • Partners and Localcom engineers have secure access directly to the routers, enhancing security protocols.
  • Remote administration is not kept turned on by default. It can be activated when necessary to provide remote technical support to the end customer.
  • By not exposing the public GUI of the router to everyone, security is heightened as it mitigates the risk of hacking attempts.


  • Count on our robust monitoring system to swiftly identify and resolve any issues or technical difficulties that may arise, ensuring minimal disruptions to your business activities.
  • With our proactive approach to troubleshooting, we can anticipate and tackle potential issues before they worsen, ensuring seamless operations for your business.
  • You can have peace of mind knowing that our monitoring system is always on alert and ready to address any issues promptly, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

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