Cloud Voice Plans

Take your telecommunications business to the next level.

Seamlessly deliver Cloud based SIP & PBX solutions, providing customers with a simple, cost-effective way to transition their business from aging, expensive Phone lines and PBX systems.

Access advanced PBX features, scale up or down as needed and eliminate all the technical, maintenance costs by transitioning to the cloud.

Immediately reduce customer costs by activating SIP channels on their current PBX

Keep your customer’s phone number. Choose from flexible plans, unlimited calls or PAYG

Carrier-grade infrastructure backed by Tier 1 suppliers

Total end to end management through Support Partner Network Portal

Awesome Features

Voicemail to E-Mail

Voice to E-mail enables you with the feature that you can get access to the voice recording on the email so you can access it via mobile or desktop. It’s OK if you prefer to dial in.

Simultaneous Ring

When someone tries to connect desk extension, the system can put the call to your mobile, handset call rates will be applied to all these calls answered through your mobile.

Caller ID

This feature allows you to see the contact number of the caller, no need to write down the number on the paper.

HD Voice

HD voice gives so clear and natural voice quality like HD video, that all the words and alphabets are clearly sounded without any interference of ‘s’ and ‘f’. Requires compatible handset LocalCom to LocalCom calls only.

Call Parking

You can now send calls to the pre-defined call parking slot and retrieve it from another phone in your business. With this feature you can configure multiple parking slots, send and retrieve calls from each parking slot and define what to do with the call if it was forgotten in the parking lot.

Time Conditions

Calls can be diverted to different destinations based on time of day or days of the week. For example calls can be diverted straight to voicemail after hours.


Your inbound number can be configured to receive faxes which are then converted into PDF and sent to you by email. Subscription required.

Presence (BLF)

Use BLF (Busy lamp feed) buttons on your phone to see who is available and who is on the phone. It will also show when their phone is ringing.

Personalised On-Hold Music

Set your own on-hold music. We can upload custom .wav or .mp3 file of your favorite music to be played while the customers are on hold.

Remote Handset Provisioning

LocalCom’s innovatory provisioning setup make sure the handset configuration and firmware update automatically and remotely. For Instance, if you have purchased Yealink phone from us, open it and plug to the power supply it will configure automatically.

Call transfer

Easily transfer calls using either short extension numbers or full telephone numbers. Calls can also be transferred externally to any other telephone number.

Auto Attendant

An auto-attendant accepts and direct calls in place of a receptionist by using the voice menu. User has 3 options first direct dial, leave a message and choose the preferred person to speak with. For example, “1 for support and 2 for sales”.