Hosted PBX FAQ

How do I modify features like Call Forward Busy?

We have built a web interface that allows you to access and modify features of your Hosted PBX service. Some features can also be modified using the handset and special codes.

What happens if my Internet connection stops working?

We recommend you to provide a backup phone number during the ordering process and the incoming phone call can be routed to the backup phone number if your Internet connection is offline. Outgoing phone calls via the service will not work if your Internet connection is offline.

Do I need a separate Internet connection just for the phones?

It is possible to share an Internet connection amongst your telephones and computers. Bandwidth is the capacity of your Internet connection. Your bandwidth will be shared between the calls you make from your Hosted PBX handsets and the regular traffic that is sent for Internet browsing and web applications. The more bandwidth you have, the higher the number of concurrent calls you can have without impacting voice quality and browsing or access to web applications. You may also need to look at increasing your bandwidth.

How fast does my Internet connection need to be?

Continuing on from the discussion of bandwidth in the previous question, we recommend a minimum of 100kbps of upload speed per concurrent call.

What equipment do I need for a Hosted PBX solution?

Hosted PBX runs through your Internet connection, and there is no additional hardware required. Your phones will also connect to an internal network, provided by a switch. If you have computers plugged into a switch already, the phone has a ‘piggy back’ function that allows the phone to be plugged into the switch, and the computer to be plugged into the phone. This means that you do not need more ports than you already have in your networking equipment.

What type of cabling is required? How do I connect my computer and phone?

Your new telephone will plug into your switch via a standard Ethernet cable. Your computer can be routed directly to the switch, or can also plug into the phone. The advantage of this feature is that only one port and run of cable is needed to connect both your phone and computer.

Does the phone need its own power supply?

Desk-phones are powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) and does not include power packs by default. In order to power the handsets you must have a PoE switch installed in your business. If you do not have a PoE switch we can supply a power pack which plugs into a standard 240v wall socket (charges may apply).

Can I connect my fax machine?

At this stage it is not possible to connect a fax machine. Fax is a feature we are looking to have enabled in the future.

Can I dial 000, and does my 000 emergency address work?

Yes – access to the emergency services is still available. Please consider that as your Hosted PBX service can be used in any location that has a suitable Internet connection, the address recorded against your phone number that emergency services sees when you call may not match your current physical location. A caller to emergency services should always have access to their physical address to give to the operator.

What configuration details are required to be listed in the White Pages?

The details required are the Directory Usage Code and the Directory Listing Code.

What happens if I lose power at my business?

Your new handsets operate via a normal power adapter or via a Power over Ethernet switch. They require power to be used, and will not function in the event of a power outage.

However, if you provided a backup phone number at the time of order, your incoming calls will be routed to the backup number provided (Call Forward Not Reachable).

Do I need to be a LocalCom customer to purchase LocalCom Hosted PBX?

No, you are welcome to use another provider Internet service with our Hosted PBX solution. We would highly recommend choosing us as your Internet provider. Having both services through LocalCom means you have one number to call for an issue related to the Internet and Hosted PBX service.

Does LocalCom Hosted PBX support wireless desk phone?

Yes, we are offering Several Yealink IP DECT Cordless handsets with our PBX plan.

Can I customise the recorded ‘Music On Hold’?

Yes, the ability to upload or record your own ‘Music On Hold’ is enabled through the online portal.

What type of calls are included for free in my monthly line rental?

Each plan with LocalCom Hosted PBX includes all of your local, national, and mobile calls at no additional cost.

What happens at the end of my contract commitment?

At the end of your contract commitment, you are able to continue with your selected plan and access. If you wish to cancel the service, you will NOT need to return the handsets.

Does the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) apply to LocalCom Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX customers waive their rights to the Customer Service Guarantee upon signup of the service. As this is a significantly discounted service (including free local, national, and mobile calls and low cost international calls) LocalCom is not able to provide the same CSG as it would with a traditional landline telephone service.

Does LocalCom have a fair use policy?

Yes, LocalCom does have a Fair Use Policy that applies to Hosted PBX. The policy restricts usage to a normal business use service.

Does LocalCom Hosted PBX support multiple sites or physical locations?

Yes, LocalCom Hosted PBX support multiple sites or physical locations as part of same Hosted PBX order.

Am I able to upgrade my handset?

Yes, you can upgrade your handset to a different model.

How do I reconfigure the phone if an employee leaves the business?

The group Administrator will log into online portal to change the first and last name details of that user.

Does Hosted PBX allow call recording for Training and Development purposes?

LocalCom Hosted PBX allows this feature.

What is the maximum monitored users in the Busy Lamp Field feature?

The maximum limit is 50 users.

Does the Auto Attendant audio file format restricted? Is there any guidelines for this?

Yes, there is a specification for the Auto Attendant audio file format, which you can find in the LocalCom Hosted PBX User Reference Guide.

Do I need to have SIP port 5060 open for both TCP and UDP?

UDP is our default protocol and therefore UDP port 5060 should always be opened, where an TCP is optional, but it is also recommended that it is open; i.e. if TCP passes the Hosted PBX firewall connection test and UDP fails the service should still work.

Is the Voicemail to Email feature available on LocalCom Hosted PBX service?

Yes, the Voicemail to Email feature is available and the email address will be captured at the time of ordering and you can also modify this feature through the online portal.