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Designed specifically for VoIP and Data resellers, our platform simplifies the operational processes, transforming the delivery of telecommunication solutions.

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Empower Your Business with LocalCom, Unleash the Power of Connectivity!

Uncover a realm of seamless communication solutions designed to lift your business to greater heights.

LocalCom offers a comprehensive range of services, including dependable internet connections, phone number and call plans, advanced cloud PBX and softphones, SIP trunks, Contact Center Solutions, and Managed equipment. This makes it an ideal solution for staying competitive in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Discover the potential of connectivity with LocalCom!




Revolutionise your marketing strategy with our suite of powerful tools.

  • Auto Lead Generation:  Reach out to businesses using lists based on postal codes.
  • Telemarketing Campaigns: Foster meaningful conversations for valuable opportunities.
  • Email Campaigns: Reach your audience directly with compelling messages.
  • SMS Campaigns: Quick responses with impactful mobile messages.
  • Lead Management Tools: Organize and track leads efficiently to prevent any from slipping through the cracks. 
  • Workflow Automation: Streamline processes for maximum efficiency, freeing up time for high-impact tasks. 


Optimize your sales process with our comprehensive set of features. Effortlessly create quotes using a drop-down product suite, and access customization options to ensure that your customers receive a tailor-made solution that meets their requirements.

  • Service Qualification Tools: Access to a platform integrated with supplier-end information to ensure serviceability of service.
  • Online Acceptance and Signature Capture: Send and capture quotes online with ease.
  • Immutable Audit Report: Ensure transparency with secure, unchangeable records. 
  • Quote Management Flexibility: Simply transfer ready-made quotes between leads and customers.
  • Custom Solutions Building: Tailor quotes to meet unique requirements.

Service Delivery

Optimize your service delivery process using our advanced functionalities. 

  • Auto-Generated Orders: A smooth transition from quotes to orders.
  • One-Click Hardware Delivery: Schedule or deliver hardware with ease.
  • Semi-Automated Number Porting: Simplify number transitions with automation.
  • Automated Service Creation: Swift setup for call plans, PBX, and more.
  • Shipment Tracking Automation: Keep clients informed with real-time updates.
  • Automatic File Updates:Maintain accuracy with seamless documentation.
  • Realtime Service Qualification: with all the site information for NBN services.
  • Service Delivery Plan: Plan for seamless and accurate delivery of services to minimise downtime.


Transform your service management using our wide range of features.

  • Automated Service Lifecycle: Install, activate, suspend, and deactivate services integrated with automated billing.
  • Real-Time Status Widget: Monitor service status in real time for quick decision-making and transparency.
  • Access to Softswitch Logs and Active Call Channels: Gain valuable insights and troubleshoot effectively with comprehensive data and analytics.
  • Access Call History Logs: The ability to easily keep track of incoming and outgoing calls with our intuitive call history feature.
  • Support Ticket Creation: By creating support tickets directly within our platform, ensuring prompt attention to customer concerns.
  • Full Transparency: Foster trust and collaboration with complete visibility into all conversations, ensuring transparency for customers, and partners.


Manage your finances with our robust billing capabilities.

  • Automated monthly Invoicing: Automate your invoicing for greater precision.
  • Outright Purchase Invoices: Facilitate purchases with tailored invoices.
  • Custom One-Time Invoices: Adapt to unique needs with flexible, custom invoices.
  • Financial Records Breakdown: Gain insights with detailed customer-level breakdowns.
  • Partner Payment Transparency: Enhance transparency with detailed partner-level breakdowns.
  • Credit Notes Management: Streamline credit management with efficient processes.
  • Account Activity Statements: Stay informed with comprehensive financial activity reports.


Simplify your payment processes with our versatile payment options.

  • Integrated Invoice Payments with Auto Reconciliation:Manage payments and maintain precise financial monitoring by integrating invoice payments for seamless reconciliation.
  • BPAY: Offer secure and flexible payment options to customers through BPAY, enabling payments via preferred banking channels.
  • Credit Card: Facilitate smooth transactions with widely accepted credit card payments, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Direct Debit: Simplify recurring transactions for customers with direct debit options, providing a convenient and automated payment method.
  • Automated Partner Payment Claims: Optimize partner relations with our automated payment claims system, ensuring prompt payment for partners.


“I have been working with LocalCom for the past 18 months, they provided fully featured hosted phone system platform for my business.
When and if there is an issues the support is local and timely.”


Craig Holland

“I absolutly recommend LocalCom as i have been dealing with them for over 4 years and have not had one bad experience. As an IT Consultant i have to deal with multiple providers and appreciate being told the truth from the beginning and given realistic resolution times.“

Andrew Mallette
Toowoomba Computer Services

“Nothing is too much trouble for LocalCom, they go out of there way to make sure that you are happy with their services. So I would highly recommend LocalCom for Internet and Phone services.”

Colin Lawrence
FNQ Voip Services

“Localcom are a great Australian owned internet provider who we have been using for over 5 years now and they are very reliable, easy to get help with and lowest prices. I highly recommend.”

Rebekah Watkins
Coast Communications SA

“Excellent and helpful support. Quick responses and pricing. Nice to call and have their support in place.”



Michael Winter
APD Communications Pty Ltd

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