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"We’re thrilled to be partnering with LocalCom as its solution and objectives perfectly complement our IT services and customer focused approach. To provide a modern voice solution for customers, you have to offer a superior voice and data package. We were looking for a partner that could deliver the functionality in a highly competitive market. Their self-serve platform and local support provide a best of breed solution. WCS chose LocalCom because of its quality products, automation and provisioning tools. We believe this is the best solution in the market in terms of both functionality and customer support."
Terence Komis
“The decision to work with LocalCom was a simple one. At the centre of our partnership is a shared value to give customers more options and better service; we both believe in taking the complexity out of the service; making it transparent, dependable and easily understood. We are both focused on building stronger relationships, value, reliability and clear communication.”
Warren Ephron
"We did a fair amount of research before we changed providers and ended up going with LocalCom because they were the only Company that did what they said, in the time they said. For us, the research we did was also a test in who we trusted for customer service. Their service portal is the best I’ve seen, it’s made it so easy to sell, install and support our customers. Our business has gone from strength to strength, we could not be happier with our choice of service providers."
Russell Fell
"I have been working with LocalCom for the past 2 years delivering fully featured phone systems and Internet services to my customers. I am amazed how simple and easy it is to install a hosted phone system using LocalCom’s portal, from when I place an order to completion, and if there was an issue the support was there to help. Our customer numbers and satisfaction levels have significantly grown since moving to LocalCom, a real partnership.”
Robin Fincher